I was born in NY in 1966, and moved to Miami Florida at the age of 12. I attended Miami Dade
Community College for 2 years, and Moved to Marshall TX in 1987. That is where I met my wonderful wife of 27yrs. We have 3 wonderful children.

My wife, Lynette and I, are very involved with our local church. Mostly with music in the praise and 
worship band. I play the drums and she sings. We also have helped in the youth since before we were
married. My wife also teaches at our private K-12 school, and has just began to help me in our
business with follow up calls.

In 2000, I began investing in rental properties and purchased my first rental. In 2012, I began my journey as a HomeVestors Franchisee in the Shreveport/Bossier, LA. market. In 2017, we changed markets to Longview/Tyler, TX. We are currently doing about 40 deals/yr., and have done nearly 200 transactions since 2012. Currently we have 12 properties which we owner finance and about 13 single family rent houses.

At this time, I’m handling acquisitions, construction management and some of the dispositions. I have a 
full-time office coordinator to handle the day-to-day operations and a full-time bookkeeper to handle the
rentals owner financing, bookkeeping etc. I have one full-time support employee who handles over
flows and general office tasks.
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