In 2016, I purchased my first house and fell in love with all things real estate. I quickly realized I wanted to own more real estate, but only the kind that pays me every month in cash flow instead of me paying the mortgage. Through the power of education, networking, and action taking, I am building a rental portfolio of small apartment buildings in my market of Lebanon County, PA. I own a small company called Revital Home Co. that focuses on revitalizing the worst houses in the neighborhood as well as manages my rental portfolio. The mission of my company is to provide nice, clean, and safe houses and apartments for my community.

My "why" for investing in real estate is freedom, long-term generational wealth, and because it's something I truly love and enjoy. When i'm not finding and negotiating deals, you can find me drinking craft beer, taking photos, riding motorcycles, educating myself on money, or listening to real estate podcasts. My life mantra is "if you don't go get it, it will never come to you."
Revital Home Co.
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