I am originally from Memphis, Tennessee and ended up in Birmingham, Alabama due to a work transfer. Birmingham is where I met my wife, Julie. We have 1 daughter, Laura, and she is a senior in high school.

Prior to investing, I spent 22 years with Federal Express. I first began investing, part-time, in the year 2000. Four years later, I left my corporate job and began investing full-time. At first, most of the houses purchased were through HUD. We did purchase a few through bandit signs. Towards the end of 2005 I partnered with 2 others and bought a Homevestors Franchise. We ran the franchise until the end of 2007. Also, at the end of 2007 I was part of a start up property management company. I am the qualifying broker for the property management company, however, I am not involved in the day to day of the business. At the end of 2014 we reinstated our Homevestor franchise. We primarily wholesale all the properties purchased through Homevestors. Then, beginning in December 2017, I partnered with a guy and we primarily purchase houses to turn key or owner finance. Through the years, I estimate I have bought in the neighborhood of 500 houses.
Chestnut Partners LLC
- 5 years
- Wholesaling
- Turnkey and Flips
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