Investor Fuel February 2019
Salt Lake City, Utah
Highlight Presentations
Aaron Pimpis
✅How to properly track KPIs with examples
✅How to get more online reviews
✅Examples of 100% Virtual Wholesaling calls
Todd Swaggerty
✅How to build your buyers list
✅Direct Mail techniques and strategies
✅How to pull better mailing lists
Tyler Thompson
✅Advantages of a HELOC
✅Why a HELOC can help pay mortgages
✅Leveraging your home equity
Jason Jones
✅The effectiveness of door hangers
✅Podio automation to increase efficiency
✅How to start text message marketing
April Crossley
✅Cold calling without a VA
✅How to raise private money through funnels
✅The importance of bilingual letters
Blake & Wendy McCreight
✅Rental strategies to increase cash flow
✅PPC lead generation stats
✅Marketing rentals to other investors
Keynote Speaker: Sean Whalen
Keynote Speaker: Sean Whalen
Sean Whalen is a father, entrepreneur, public speaker, podcaster, business coach, and the founder of LIONS NOT SHEEP. Sean's viral social media posts have been engaged with over 600,000,000 times, and he speaks at business and marketing events with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, sharing his story of success, divorce, suicide, and how telling the truth both personally and in business not only saved his life but gave him the opportunity to build a globally recognized company. 
Sean coaches and advises CEO's, business owners, and entrepreneurs on scaling their business, growing a tribe on social media, and how establishing a work/home life balance will significantly boost the bottom line. 

Sean is a hunter, gun enthusiast, cigar connoisseur and when not racing his off-road truck or riding his horses he can be found snuggling and playing games with his 3 kids at home in Utah.
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